Terms of Service

  1. I understand that sending of prohibited items like DD, Share Certificate, cheque, drugs, Arms & Ammunitions and Hazardous or Flammable Substance are not permitted and I shall abide by those restrictions and will be liable for any legal preceding. For additional details refer Indian Postal Act- 1896.
  3. I have read about the functioning of Courierhome.com and agrees to their services.
  5. I understand that sometimes the volumetric weight of any package could be higher than the physical weight and agree to be billed for whichever is higher.
  7. I agree to declare that information provided by me at the time of scheduling courier is truly best of my knowledge if any variation is found between mentioned and actual weight I will be liable for extra charge or Courierhome.comis having the right to stop my parcel.
  9. I understand that I will only use shipping labels (AWB's) provided by the  Courierhome.com , not manual label; I will be solely responsible if courier boy refuses to collect the shipment in case if I use manual label.
  11. I understand that there is a 5% chance that pick-up service may face issues due to operational concern of the courier company especially in the case of a new pickup location and Courierhome.comwill not be responsible for this.
  13. I agree that Courierhome.com is having the right to refuse the scheduled shipment without providing any clarification.
  15. I understand that I will be liable for the freight charges and the return charges if a shipment is returned.
  17. I understand that process of an insurance claim will take 45 to 60 days and that said insurance is provided only for the invoice amount less than INR 5000 by default & does not include charges for the shipments.
  19. I will be obliged to pack parcel in proper manner, if parcel is found broken in transit or courier boy refuses to accept the parcel for improper packaging then Courierhome.com is having right to cancel the shipment and not to refund for the same.
  21. Courierhome.com is having right to schedule my shipment with any other courier partner if my preferred courier partner's service can't be provided and I am having no right to get the refund if my shipment has been successfully scheduled from any other courier partners.